Club Officers

President - Lindsey Hastings

Vice President - Micahel Journigan

Secretary/Treasurer - Sarah Collins

District 1 - Sue Cristante - Canada

District 2 - Open - WA OR ID MT WY AK

District 3 - Josh Hoffman - ND SD NE MN IA

District 4 - Zach Slimak - WI IL MI IN KY OH

District 5 - Zach Burrell - ME VT NH MA NY RI CT PA NJ DE MD

District 6 - Janet Tipton - CA NV UT AZ HI

District 7 - Open - CO NM KS OK TX MO

District 8 - Open - AR LA TN MS AL

District 9 - Lisa Jo Kite Shay - WV VA NC SC GA FL

Constitution and By-Laws


Article 1: Name

This organization shall be known as the Polish Breeders Club.

Article 2: Fiscal Responsibility

The club year will be from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. of each year.

Article 3: Objectives

Section 1 – To support the breeding and exhibition of Polish, Houdans, Sultans, & Crevecoeurs fowl to the standards set forth by the American Poultry Association and the American Bantam Association. Section 2 – To create a cooperative feeling among Crested breeders, encouraging friendship, goodwill and sportsmanship in an effort to foster a healthy and positive atmosphere for all members with extra emphasis on Junior members.

Section 3 – To assemble and distribute information on the history, husbandry and exhibition of Polish, Houdans, Sultans, & Crevecoeurs fowl in order to educate and foster interest in the breed.

Section 4 – To encourage national, district, state and special meets so as to build a stronger Crested breed fancy.

Article 4: Membership

Section 1 – Any person interested in owning, breeding, and/or exhibiting Polish, Houdans, Sultans, & Crevecoeurs fowl and willing to uphold and abide by the Constitution and Bylaws set forth by the Polish Breeders Club may apply for membership.

Section 2 – Applicants meeting the application requirements are accepted upon receipt of application and payment of nonrefundable dues.

Article 5: Board of Directors

Section 1 – Officers of the board shall consist of President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. These three positions along with the five District Directors, will serve as the Board of Directors. Elections for these positions are held every 2 years, and are open to all members in good standanding. 

Section 1 change effective as of 1/1/2020: 

Officers of the board shall consist of President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. These three positions along with the nine District Directors, will serve as the Board of Directors. Elections for these positions are held every 2 years, and are open to all members in good standanding. 

Section 2 – District divisions shall be as follows:

District 1 Canada

District 2 WA, OR, CA, ID, NV, AZ, UT, AK, HI

District 3 MT, WY, CO, NM, TX, ND, SD, NE, KS, OK

District 4 MN, IO, MO, IL, MI, IN, OH, WI, PA, NY, CT, NH,

                                    VT, MA, ME, RI, NJ, DE, MD

District 5 AL, AR, FL, GA, MS, NC, VA, WV, KY, LA, SC, TN

Section 2 change effective as of 1/1/2020: 

“District divisions shall be as follows:
District 1- Canada
District 2- WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, AK
District 3- ND, SD, NE, MN, IA
District 4- WI, IL, MI, IN, KY, OH
District 5- ME, VT, NH, MA, NY, RI, CT, PA, NJ, DE, MD
District 6- CA, NV, UT, AZ, HI
District 7- CO, NM, KS, OK, TX, MO
District 8- AR, LA, TN, MS, AL
District 9- WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL “

 Article 6: Meetings

Section 1 – There will be four meetings of the board each year to discuss and vote on whatever issues need action for the club. The meetings will be called by the President, with at least a 10 day notice. Board members must attend 50% of the meetings called during their term or the position will be replaced by the balance of the board or a club member appointed by the President and approved by a majority vote of the existing board.

Section 2 – A special meeting of the board may be held to address a specific concern of the President or a member of the board. If initiated by a member of the board, the request must be submitted in writing to the President, who will then call the meeting with a required 14 day notice. No business other than that specified in the called special meeting shall be considered at such meeting.

Section 3 – A quorum, defined as the majority of the current board members, will be required at all meetings in order to conduct any club business or vote to decide any club issues.

Article 7: Amending the Constitution and Bylaws

All reasonable proposals to amend the Constitution and/or Bylaws shall be first submitted in writing to the President. Upon submission, the President will appoint a committee to review the proposed changes and make recommendations to the board. Amendments must be approved by the majority vote of the board. If approved, the proposed changes shall be published in the club newsletter with a ballot for approval. Ballots must be returned within 30 days of the newsletter’s publication date. A majority vote of the returned ballots shall rule.


Article 1: Duties of each member of the Board of Directors

Section 1 – Role of the President

The President is a voting member of the Board of Directors, presides at all meetings, and is charged with providing leadership and direction as the board fulfils their responsibilities for the governance and success of the club. He/she ensures that the Constitution and Bylaws are rightfully executed, appoints committee chairs and recommends individuals to serve on these committees, calls special meetings as needed, and acts as the club’s spokesperson nurturing key relationships within and outside of the club. This position is directly responsible for either personally maintaining or appointing a board or general member or committee to maintain, a variety of pertinent club activities.  These include 1) an accurate chronological club timeline and history, 2). the club’s public website and other public internet venues, and 3) a record of show points awarded to club membership.

Section 2 – Role of the Vice President

The Vice President is a voting member of the Board of Directors and is responsible for assisting the President to fulfil his/her responsibilities for providing leadership and direction to the board. He/she is responsible for gathering, coordinating, creating and disseminating the information necessary to report to the club’s general membership through these newsletters. The Vice President is also strategically prepared to take on any special tasks or assignments from the President. Should the President be unable, for any reason, to fulfil their obligation to the club, the Vice President shall act as presiding officer until the President is able to respond again to his/her duties or through the remainder of the elected term, whichever comes first.  

Section 3 – Role of the Secretary/Treasurer

The Secretary/Treasurer is a voting member of the Board of Directors. In the Secretary role, he/she takes and disseminates all meeting minutes of the board, maintains an up-todate and accurate record of club membership, welcomes new members, and provides correspondence to members. As the club’s Treasurer, he/she maintains an ongoing record of all expenditures and income for the club, provides a quarterly and annual report of such financials, is a representative (along with the President) on the club’s checking account, creates a draft budget annually to present to the board for discussion and approval, and supports the President in other duties as directed. The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for having a bank account set up in the club's name (no personal accounts can be used) this is to be done either A) BEFORE taking office if voted in during an election, or B) within 30 days if being appointed to role due to vacancy. Failure to open a club account in a timely manner may result in forfeiting role in club. During times when club is without a bank account in club's name- all monies must be moved from bank account BEFORE it is closed into the club's Paypal account. All cash recieved by club is to be put into the club's bank account or the club's paypal account, at no time should there be a "cash fund" or "petty cash" kept by any officer or director of club with monies belonging to the club. All purchases and repayments must be voted on by the board of directors before being sent out. Both the President and the Sect/Treasuerer must have bank information and paypal account access

Section 4 – Role of the District Directors

District Directors are voting members of the Board of Directors. Their main duty is to provide a unified voice to the board from club members within their district. They are responsible for proposing a location for their District Meet and any State or Special Meets, securing appropriate awards for such meets, attending the meets or selecting a representative to do so, and setting up, maintaining and manning a club information table for the duration of the meets.  District Directors have the option of appointing state or multi-state representatives to help them within their districts. These appointees do not participate in meetings of the board nor are they voting members of the Board of Directors. 

Article 2: Duties of the Board of Directors

Section 1 – The Board of Directors shall have general control of the affairs of the club at all times as well as enforcement of all rules. In the intervals between meetings, the board shall have the authority to take such actions as necessary to ensure the club remains active and viable as long as it is not in direct conflict with the club’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Section 2 – The board shall hold a meeting once a quarter in February, May, August and November. The venue for holding these meetings and any special meeting that may arise, will be decided by the board at the beginning of their two-year term.

Section 3 – The majority of the members of the board constitutes a quorum at all meetings.

Section 4 – The board may vote by any viable communication method (mail, email, phone, in-person, etc.) mutually decided upon at the beginning of their two-year term. Section 5 – If in question, interpretation of the Constitution and Bylaws shall be determined by a majority vote of the board.

Article 3: Special Committees

The President may appoint committees to handle any special project or assignment within the club and he/she will act as an honorary member of each committee. Committees may include, but will not be limited to, membership, elections, grievances, communications, publicity, etc. Committee chairs and members do not participate in meetings of the board nor are they voting members of the Board of Directors. 

Article 4: Elections

Section 1 – Nominations for the positions of President, Vice President, SecretaryTreasurer and each District Director can be made by any club member in good standing and must be received no earlier than May 1 and no later than July 1st in the year preceding the start of the new term. Confirmation of each nomination will be conducted by the Secretary/Treasurer before any name is entered on the ballot.

Section 2 – Election ballots will have the names of candidates listed alphabetically under the office for which they were nominated. No name will appear on the ballot for more than one office.

Section 3 – Election ballots will be included in the third quarterly issue of the club’s newsletter in July of the election year. Ballots must be filled out by each club member and returned by August 15 of the same year. The mailing envelope must have the member’s name and a return address clearly printed in the left upper corner of the envelope. All ballots will be validated upon receipt for membership status and the possibility of duplicate voting.

Section 4 – Results of the voting process will be announced in the fourth quarterly issue of the club’s newsletter in October. 

Article 5: Club Property

Section 1- Websites and Facebook page - "",  "" the public Facebook page "Polish Breeders Club", and the secret page "Polish Breeders Club Officers"  are sole property of PBC and as such are to remain in custody of current board members at all times so they can be kept current. Any major changes to websites including, but not limited to, password changes, host changing, ongoing fees, and renewal fees are to be approved by the board of directors before changes are made. At no time can the domains be on a member's or board of director's personal website account, the club domains must only be kept on club owned website accounts. If any of the officers that have control of the websites resigns or is elected out, the websites are to be turned over to current officers within 48 hours. 

Section 2- Other "online" information, including but not limited to- Club email accounts, point records, membership list, photos & articles submitted for club use by members and/or past officers/directors are property of PBC to use and must be kept with current board members or passed on to current  board members within 10 business days of an exiting role. 

Section 3- Physical property bought with club money, or by reimbursing payment with club money, including but not limited to: awards awaiting shows,  club's sale merchandise, and club paperwork are property of PBC to use and must be kept with current board members or passed on to current board members within 10 business days of an exiting role. 

Section 4- Club's PayPay account and the money in Club's Bank Accounts are sole property of PBC and as such are to remain in custody of current board members at all times. If a former Secretary/Treasurer's bank account is closed due to their role ending- all money is to be moved into the PBC PayPay account BEFORE bank account is closed. PayPal account and passwords are to be given to current President and/or Secretary/Treasurer within 24 hours of a change in those roles. Please see the Secretary/Treasurer role description for further rules applying to bank accounts.  

Article 6: National Meet

Section 1 – One National Meet will be held annually.

 Section 1 change effective as of 1/1/2020: Club has the discretion to hold one annual meet, or one east coast meet and one west coast meet in place of the single annual meet. No more than 2 “annual meets” are allowed per year. Desire to hold a single meet or the dual east coast/west coast annual may be voted on by members at annual club meetings at national meet(s), however board of officers and directors will have a deciding meeting and vote after a review of club funds and the ability for board members to efficiently run both shows is reviewed.

Section 2 – The location will be chosen by majority vote of the Board of Directors from nominations made by club members. Consideration should allow for a location that offers access by the largest representation of Polish and club members, appropriate amenities offered by the hosting club, and, both of those specifics being met, a fair representation between each district.

Section 3 – Nominations will be accepted between May 1 and June 15 of each year and should include the following information to facilitate consideration: show name, hosting club, location, date, amenities offered, show secretary’s name and contact information, number of Polish entered in the previous show, and number of total birds entered in the previous show. A form will be available to facilitate nominations.

Section 4 – The board will vote and an announcement made by July 1 via the website and Facebook pages, and will be announced also in the third quarterly newsletter in September.

Article 7: District, State and Special Meets

Section 1 – There will be one District Meet each year. State and Special Meets can be held as interest warrants.

Section 2 – District, State and Special Meets will be determined by the district’s director with appropriate input from their states’ club members.

Article 8: Awards

Section 1 – Awards will be limited to club members in good standing.

Section 2 – The board will determine appropriate awards given at the National and all District Meets. No club-sponsored awards will be given at State or other special Meets, but raffles or donations for such awards are permissible and are to be handled by District Directors.

Article 9: Membership Dues

The board shall determine the annual dues of the club. Dues run from the first day of the month joined, and expire the last day of the preceding month a year later. Renewals must be made within 60 days of expiration or the membership is considered lapsed and his/her name will be removed from the membership tally. Membership dues are nonrefundable. 

Article 10: Master Breeder Recognition

Section 1 – Members must be in good standing in order to accrue points and receive special recognition as a Master Breeder.

Section 2-The club’s point system is based on the number 5 with the highest win in the breed canceling out points for variety for that bird only. For example, if you win Best of Breed, those are the points which you receive- you do not receive the variety points and breed points for the same bird.
Starting with the lowest award, Best of Variety (BV) and Reserve of Variety (RV) earn 1 point toward Master Breeder for every 5 birds in the class. For example,
In a class of 1-5 birds, BV and RV earn 1 point each
6-10 birds, BV and RV earn 2 points each
11-15 birds, BV and RV earn 3 points each
16-20 birds, BV and RV earn 4 points each
(If your bird is the only one in the class, you earn one point for winning BV)
Points earned for Best of Breed (BB) and Reserve of Breed (RB) are calculated on the same system; one point for each five birds. Therefore, if your bird wins BB and the cumulative number of birds shown in all variety classes was 100, you would win 20 points.
If the cumulative number of birds shown in all variety classes was 50, you would earn 10 points.
This system applies to both large fowl and bantams.

Section 3-For the annual National Meet and for each of the District Meets, an Overall Champion will be chosen between large fowl and bantams and the Master Breeder points will be awarded accordingly. Again, these points will be the only ones earned and it will not be an accumulation of points won at the BB or BV levels. At the National Meet, a Reserve Overall Champion will also be chosen and awarded the same points as the Overall Champion.

Section 4- To encourage our member to better represent the breeds accordingly, we will starting March 1st 2017 be giving points for birds winning better than BB or RB. For wins above breed at shows OTHER than PBC District Meets and PBC National meets (only APA and/or ABA sanctioned show) which are described above; these points will be in addition to points already gained.
Super grand champion-15 points 
Reserve super grand champion- 15 
Champion bantam/large fowl-10
Reserve champion bantam/large fowl-10 
Class champion- 5
Reserve class champion-5 

Section 5 – There are three recognition plateaus in the club’s recognition system.

Certificate of Merit: 100 points in one variety

Master Breeder: 500 total points

Hall of Fame Award: 1000 total points

Article 11: Code of Conduct and Ethics

Section 1 – The Code of Conduct and Ethics provides an organized venue for addressing members’ activities that may have a negative impact on the integrity, operation, and longevity of the club, its officers, directors, and/or members.

Section 2 – Grounds for disciplinary action includes, but are not limited to:

Theft of money or club possessions or any other action that impacts or compromises the financial integrity of the Polish Breeders Club.
An organized attempt to purposely slander or discredit the club, its officers, directors, and/or members.
Misrepresentation of personal knowledge, club awards, sanctioned show wins, or any other misrepresentation with the intent of deceiving people for personal gain.
Discrimination and harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin.
Violence or threatened acts of violence against others.
Any additional action that results in a significant negative impact on the club, its officers, directors, and/or members.

Section 3 – Any member whose actions have been brought to the attention of the board for being in violation of the club’s Code of Conduct and Ethics and found by majority of the vote of the board to be guilty of the accusations, is subject to disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may include but not be limited to the following in any order or combination:

Verbal or written warning issued by the President and or Vice President or other club officer.
Membership suspension for a time to be determined by the board.
Permanent suspension of all membership privileges.

Article 12: Order of Business

If the need exists for clarification beyond the club’s Constitution and Bylaws, Roberts Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary guide of the Polish Breeders Club.